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----- Look for it -----
----- Find me -----
I come to a town, and it is ... shop ...
Because I know it, as for you, ...... is early...
globe of ethics
LAST UPDATE 2005.3.21 // since 2005.3.13 (C) snow dragon

Time is two near future towns which went to ruin.
Two towns filled with criminals became an amusement place of adults.
There are not a merit, a demerit, too.
Entertainment of so ordinary adults.

A piece is children.
The children who were gathered whether it was the cause of what cause and effect.
manipulated on a board of a game.

People, the people who know all loving it.
The game that is misery that the people fight.
I cannot but look for a certain thing to end this game.

OK, it seems to be a dance.
Try to jump by a fair dance on this board.